Vendor Terms of Use

Show cancellations: If a show is cancelled for any reason, the venue or artist must notify the parent company(Smart Mark-IT Inc.) as soon as possible by emailing The venue must also refund Smart Mark-IT Inc. for all ticket proceeds for the cancelled show at the latest 48 hours after the scheduled start of the show.  Smart Mark-IT Inc will then refund end users fully for their tickets. 


Smart Mark-IT Inc does not charge anything to post events on, however, in order to sustain the service, the following fees apply on ticket sales.

  • Payment processing fee:
    • This 2.9% +$0.30 fee is passed down by our payment gateway(Stripe).
  • processing fee:  
    • This $1 per item (ticket or merch) fee is applied in order to maintain a clean, secure and easy to use platform that enables the continued promotion of live music in Canada.  


Fees are applied on top of the sticker price of the item. For example, if a vendor charges $25 for an item the breakdown will be as follows: Vendor receives $28.25 ($25+HST), end user pay $30.50 including HST.

Fees are subject to change but vendors will be contacted no less than 30 days in advance if  the ticket processing fee is set to change and as soon as our vendor announces a change for the payment processing fee.