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We love live music and we love Canada

Increase your sales by embracing technology... don't worry we'll definitely help you!

The music industry has changed drastically since the days of jukeboxes. We're here to help you as a musician or a music venue adapt to changing times. Our all in one solution allows you to market events and sell tickets online for in person and virtual shows.

The only cost to you is the time it takes to upload events and, for virtual shows, if you wish to go above the free Zoom account quota's, the cost of a Zoom account.

A small fee is passed along to your client in order for us to be able to provide the service. Click here to read our full policy. 

The fees we collect from your clients allow and encourage us to promote your events. We do so through the means of our social media channels, as well as, through the general promotion of the findlivemusic.ca brand. Our overarching mission is the promotion of live music in Canada.

We will post your events for free for the first three months after which, we will charge a monthly rate of $49.99 for up to 10 events a month or a monthly rate of $99.99 for 11 to 31 events per month.

After three months, if you choose to opt out of having us post your events for you, we will provide a thirty minute training session on creating and modifying events, at no cost to you. *These rates are subject to change with 30 days notice 


In Canada

Our ticket scanner app

Download our ticket scanner app

We make it easy for you to sell tickets online

Sell tickets through the findlivemusic.ca website, then and attendees will receive a custom email with instructions on joining the show!

Zoom Integration

Allows you to sell tickets to your next live show via our Zoom integration.

E-commerce Website

findlivemusic.ca offers a central location for venues and musicians to easily post their events and sell tickets.

Hosted in Canada

Our servers are located in Canada.

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